Apple Ipad mini

Apple iPad Mini is one of the best devices by Apple that is loaded with remarkable features. If you own this iPad, then you must use it carefully. In case you dropped or damaged it, it is not easy to repair. This small iPad has extremely delicate LCD, which makes it difficult to open and repair. At iTech Repair, we offer to repair this fragile device effectively and cost effectively.

Why repairing Apple iPad Mini is difficult
Apple iPad Mini is small as compared to other iPads and the front glass panel is glued to the metal body using quite strong adhesives, which involves heating panel’s edges to loosen the glue. This is time consuming and tedious work and makes it difficult to open the panel. Unlike other larger iPads, the digitizer ribbon cable is located on the lower right corner along the bottom age. Even the motherboard connectors for the glass digitizers are located under the internal metal plates and LCD. This requires the technicians to remove the screen and plates in order to disconnect the front panel. Also unlike larger iPads, the LCD has a plastic backing, which is less rigid than the metal backing in other iPad models. All other components in Apple iPad Mini are attached with adhesives; therefore removing them is a daunting task. The metal plates are also located between LCD panel and other internal components. Even the screws used by Apple in iPad mini are the smallest and are difficult to open. All these reasons such as fragile LCD panel, tiny screws, small size, and huge amount of adhesive makes repairing an Apple iPad Mini one of the most difficult repairs.

At iTech Repair, we understand that your Apple iPad mini is valuable for you. It connects you to your friends and family, helps you remain in touch with the entire world, keeps you entertained, and helps you get useful information. We know you want your iPad to be repaired as quickly as possible. We help you repair your iPad when the screen breaks, LCD cracks, or you have any charging issues. We help you repair broken glasses, water damages, and almost any problem in no time. We have most of the iPad parts in stock and replace the broken parts with quality, genuine parts that are backed by manufacturer’s warranty. Besides iPhones, we specialize in repairing all models of iPad and iPods. We cover an array of problems that your iPad may face. Whether you have software problems or hardware issues, such as the buttons are not pressing, problems with charging dock, or headphone jacks, we have the solution for your problem.

We use highest quality replacement parts to give you the best Apple iPad mini repair possible. We are committed to completing most of the repairs on the same day. We have a reliable track record of repairing all Apple devices along with Android smart phones. Our customers are always satisfied with the quality of our services, and this makes us one of the most trusted iPad repair services providers in Adelaide. We have a committed and dedicated team of professionals who strive to offer the best in class services and ensure timely repairs. Call us on 1300 427 981 to book repairs.

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