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Apple iPhone 4


Repairing Apple iPhone 4 that does not turn on
Your Apple iPhone 4 is your prized possession and it is a huge disappointment if it does not turn on due to any reason. If your Apple iPhone 4 screen is totally blank and dark even after repeatedly pressing the power button a number of times, then you may need technical expertise to make it work. Some basic troubleshooting steps that you can follow to solve the problem include charging the device, rebooting it forcefully, checking connection, and restoring options. (more…)

Apple iphone 4s


Fixing an Apple iPhone 4S

Do you own an Apple iPhone 4S that is not working properly? Is your precious device in dire need of repair? If yes, then you can contact us at iTech Repair, a reputed repair center in Adelaide that specializes in repairing all types of iPhones, iPads, computers, laptops, and tablets. (more…)

Apple iphone 5


Why choose us for Apple iPhone 5 repair

One feels proud to own an Apple iPhone 5, which is one of the recent smart phones launched by Apple and is widely popular because of the amazing features that it offers to the users. iPhone 5 is an elegant and stylish device that requires a huge investment, so any damages to the gadget can be a great loss. Most of the buyers get their smart phone insured or covered with Apple to ensure that they do not have to pay hefty charges to get it repaired. (more…)

Apple iphone 5c


Repair Services for Apple iPhone 5C
If you have an Apple iPhone 5C, which is water damaged or badly scratched, then you need the services of a trusted repair center. For your expensive phone, you cannot rely on just anyone and need to choose someone that is the best in the best in the field. ITech Repair is a leading mobile phone repair center in Adelaide that offers satisfactory services. (more…)

Apple iphone 5s


Get your damaged Apple iPhone 5S repaired

If you need Apple iPhone 5S repair services, look no further. iTech Repair is a leading iPhone, iPad, laptop, and computer repair services provider in Adelaide that offers satisfactory services for all latest gadgets. We have the ability to repair all type of damages, including damages caused by water when device went in the bathtub, or toilet, dropped from height, or are crushed under something. We are confident that we can restore your iPhone to its factory settings and make it look new. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy 2


Extend the life of your Samsung Galaxy 2 by proper repair

One of the most amazing Samsung devices that are highly popular is Samsung Galaxy 2. A smartphone is used by an array of people for its functionality and features. If you own a Samsung Galaxy 2, then you must have realized that at certain point you face some issues with the gadget. These common issues are related to performance, display, browser, and operating system. Often it happens that your device shows a blank screen and this may be due to drained battery, insufficient power, unresponsiveness due to certain applications, or liquid inside the gadget. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy 3


Dependable repair services for your Samsung Galaxy 3

Samsung Galaxy 3 is a widely sold smart phone that uses Android processor. The phone is designed to be used in everyday life and this makes it susceptible to routine wear and tear. However much careful you are with your phone; you still cannot control routine damages and breakages to the phone. Often due to dropping or throwing, these phones stop working, their screens break, or LCD screen stops performing. You cannot rule out incidents when smart phones drop in sink or toilet, or someone splashes milk or juice on your expensive gadget. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy 4


The slogan ‘Life Companion’ is absolutely perfect for Samsung Galaxy S 4.
Ever since it was first launched in March 14, 2013 in New York, this android-based Smartphone has become extremely popular for its sleek look and increased focus on its software features. From its ability to detect the finger when hovered above the screen to richer photo qualities, this phone has everything that you could think of. Its cinematic-range screen is certainly mesmerizing. No wonder why 20 million units were sold within just two months of its launch. As per the latest data, over 40 million Samsung Galaxy S 4 units have been sold across the globe. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy note


To keep in pace with the increasing demand of tablets, Samsung introduced its unique invention, the Samsung Galaxy Note in late 2011. This Smartphone was the largest of its kind available in 2011 and it is still popular for its 5.3 inch super AMOLED display. It is unquestionably a hybrid variety of a Smartphone and a tablet and this is the reason why it is popular among the masses who want to enjoy everything that they can do with a tablet without owning something huge. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy note 2


‘Be creative, be different’.

That’s what the slogan of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is. The original Galaxy Note was back with a larger display and improved Stylus function in late 2012 and was named as Galaxy Note 2. This android based tablet-Smartphone hybrid received a very high positive response and over 5 million units were sold within just two months of its launch. It was a huge improvement over its predecessor and therefore, quickly started ruling the mobile market. Till now, it is in demand and people are crazy for its 5.5 inch screen that gives you a feel of using a tablet, whereas the comfort of use is similar to a phone. (more…)

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