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Samsung Galaxy note 3


Fantastic display, unbelievably fast performance, high quality camera, loads of useful and user-friendly features, and long battery life. That’s what makes Samsung Galaxy Note 3 worth investing in. When it was launched, it used to be the most powerful Smartphone available in the market. The size is so huge that you can mistaken it for a tablet but people love the way it is and no wonder why it still dominates the Phablet industry. (more…)

Htc – All Versions


Founded in 1997, HTC may sound like a newbie in the Smartphone industry but it’s amazing product quality and features have made this company grab a good share of the Smartphone business. This Taiwanese electronic firm has been into mobile phone business since its inception and is well aware of the technological requirements for producing high-end gadgets that people would love. HTC uses Android and Microsoft operating systems for its phone and does not design its own Smartphone software like many other leading players such as Apple and Blackberry. (more…)

Nokia – All Versions


From its first electronic device in 1962 to the super smartphone range in 2014, Nokia has emerged as the manufacturer of smartphones with breathtaking technology and smart features at comparatively lower costs than its competitors. Nokia offers a wide range of low cost basic handsets to highest range Smartphones. It started with models like Nokia 3310, 3305, 1100, 1105 that were low cost basic handsets and has moved on to the best Windows Smartphone manufacturing in the world. Powered by Windows 8, The Nokia LUMIA series has been one of the best smartphones till date and it is the only smartphone giving us the latest (more…)

Sony – All Versions


All about Sony Smartphones

Sony has been the pioneer of technology and innovation since 1946. This Japanese corporation started the Sony Mobile Communications in 1987 in collaboration with Ericsson as a joint venture firm but Sony acquired Ericsson’s share in 2012 and became a company fully owned by Sony Corporation. Since its inception in 1987, Sony Mobile communications has emerged as the 4th (more…)

Lg -All Versions


Founded in 1958, LG Electronics was ranked as the fourth largest maker of mobile phones in third quarter of 2013. This Korea based company manufactures both basic phones as well as Smartphones. All its products are innovative and creative; each of them created to fulfill the ever-increasing curiosity of cell phone users. Be it the curved phones or the slimmest nexus Smartphone, LG has always manufactured products that are different from the tons of available options. It has created its own market among people who love to own something that is unique and innovative. (more…)

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