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Is your internet connection very slow? Are you facing malware, spyware, or virus problems? Is your computer running too slow? Have you accidentally lost all your data? Call us and we will get it repaired within no time.

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians who can resolve all your PC issues irrespective of the brand and model you have. We have been in this business for many years and have trained ourselves to learn the technology that is used in computers these days. We are skilled enough to repair almost all brands of computer; HP, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, Sony, and Toshiba are just a few names that we are comfortable working with. Having a vast experience in handling almost all brands of computer, we can accurately diagnose the problem and resolve it faster than you can expect.

Some of the computer repair services that we currently offer are:

  • Water damage
  • Data recovery
  • Internet issues
  • Malware, spyware, and virus issues
  • All forms of hardware issues
  • Screen replacement
  • Windows issues
  • Software issues
  • Unexpected errors
  • Noisy fans of the CPU
  • Computer too slow or hangs frequently

These are just some of our offerings. We at ITechRepair can resolve almost all forms of computer problems irrespective of the brand or model you own.


We are trained professionals

Repairing a laptop requires a lot of accuracy. Unless someone is able to determine the issue correctly, he will not be able to offer you a concrete solution.  Unfortunately, not everyone is good at analysing computer problems correctly. In fact many of computer repair agencies misinterpret issues and charge you a hefty fee for a small problem. Thankfully, there are some genuine companies like us whom you can trust.


All work guaranteed

We guarantee our work and this is the reason why you can trust us. We will not offer quick fixes because we know we will have to handle the future issues. Our work meets the highest industry standards.


We use genuine replacement parts

Is your computer screen broken? Want to replace the fan? Don’t worry; we can do the needful at affordable prices. We always maintain a good stock of replaceable parts. Whichever brand of computer you may have, we are sure we can restore it within no time. If the particular part is not available with us, we will be able to source it within no time. All the parts and accessories that we use are 100% original and come with manufacturer’s guarantee.


Don’t worry about your data

We are competent enough to handle almost all forms of computer problems but in case it is not in a condition to be repaired or if the repair work is risky, we will recover the data. We use high-tech tools and therefore, can recover most of your data with much ease.

We offer fast services

We know how difficult your life would be without your PC and therefore, strive hard to offer quickest possible service. In most cases, we offer same day computer repair services. If your PC is facing a difficult issue, we may require a little more time but it will still be very nominal.

If we cannot fix it, we will not charge you. Call us at 1300 427 981 to know more about our computer repair services.

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