iTechRepair, an expert Laptop Screen Repairs Adelaide centre suggests some DIY scratch removal methods

iTechRepair, an expert Laptop Screen Repairs Adelaide centre suggests some DIY scratch removal methods 

Scratches are a sign of mishandling. They indicate that you just bother about your work and are not concerned about your laptop. Sure they are harmless but they make you device look ignored and old. Thankfully, they can be removed much easily. We at iTechRepair, your trustworthy laptop screen repairs Adelaide centre get scratched laptops almost every day and when we give them back to the client, they find it difficult to even recognize their device! No wonder why we are the leading laptop screen repairs Adelaide centre. Our scratch removal services are quite cost-effective but we have seen that many people prefer removing the scratches themselves instead of contacting us. Just do an online search and you will find hundreds of ideas that claim to make your laptop screen look like new. We do not guarantee their effectiveness but here are some popular tips that you may try.

  • Take a soft clean pencil eraser and rub it lightly over the scratches. Rub it in only one direction. Keep rubbing until the nicks seem to have disappeared. Remove the rubber marks with a clean microfiber cloth. Use a laptop cleaning solution if required. Use only a clean rubber or else you may scratch the screen even more.
  • Mix one part of rubbing alcohol with 20 parts of water. Pour few drops of this solution on a cotton swab and carefully rub it on the scratches in one direction. Make sure you just rub the scratched area and not the entire screen. Keep rubbing the solution gently till the scratches disappear. Clean the screen with a laptop cleaning solution and let it dry. If the solution doesn’t seem to be working, add a little more alcohol but make sure you don’t make the solution too strong or else you may damage the screen. If you are not confident, better take your device to a professional laptop screen repairs Adelaide centre like ours.
  • Take some petroleum jelly and fill the scratches with it. Wipe off the excess jelly gently. Many people have found this to be the best and easiest way to repair scratched laptop screen.
  • Buy a laptop scratch repair kit and follow the instructions mentioned on it. There are thousands of such kits available in the market and many of them are effective as well. These kits are good for removing light and fresh scratches. However, deeper scratches would require professional help.

Damaged screen can incur significant expenses. If you don’t want to take risk, take your laptop to a reliable laptop screen repairs Adelaide centre like ours. For more information about our laptop repair services, call us at 1300 427 981.

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