S4 usages tips and tricks that no Samsung Galaxy S4 Repairs Adelaide centre will tell you

S4 usages tips and tricks that no Samsung Galaxy S4 Repairs Adelaide centre will tell you

Samsung Galaxy S4, the feature-packed Smartphone, is an irresistible device. You can customize it in any way you want and this is the reason why it’s quite popular among the masses. However, unlike any other Smartphone, this device allows you to do much more than what you know. Many people who come to our Samsung Galaxy S4 repairs Adelaide store are not even aware of some slightly advanced functions of the phone. We have also seen that many S4 users bring their phone to our Samsung Galaxy S4 repairs Adelaide centre for an issue that just requiring tapping and turning off a feature. We therefore, thought of listing down some of such uncommon features that you may not be aware of your phone.

  • Getting messy with the settings and options? We have a solution or you. Tap settings- my device- home screen mode-easy mode. Bingo! Your home screen will become so simple that even your child would be able to use it.
  • Are you tired of overusing your data plan? Why not get warned about it and minimize the usage? Tap settings-connections-data usage. Now set your monthly limit. When you will be about to reach the limit, your phone will warn you. It will even turn off the data usage if you require it. You may even download the apps that compress data that you use. No Samsung Galaxy S4 repairs Adelaide centre will tell you these tricks. Only we do, because we care for you.
  • If you are doctor or are into any profession that requires you to wear gloves, you must be tired of removing your gloves every time you use your Samsung Galaxy S4. However, you can efficiently use your phone while wearing gloves by just changing your phones touch screen sensitivity. For this, tap settings- my device-display-turn on the high touch sensitivity mode. This will make your phone very sensitive and it will work well even when you are wearing gloves.
  • Never use your phone with your dirty or wet hands or else you might have to bring it to our Samsung Galaxy S4 repairs Adelaide centre to get it repaired. The better way is to use air gestures instead of your wet hands. This feature is now available in many Smartphones but S4 is the first few phones that have used this feature. Simply glide over the phone’s screen to give it a command.

These tips and tricks will help you use your Smartphone smartly. For more such informative information, keep reading this blog. Call us at 1300 427 981 to know more about our services.

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