Samsung Galaxy 4

The slogan ‘Life Companion’ is absolutely perfect for Samsung Galaxy S 4.
Ever since it was first launched in March 14, 2013 in New York, this android-based Smartphone has become extremely popular for its sleek look and increased focus on its software features. From its ability to detect the finger when hovered above the screen to richer photo qualities, this phone has everything that you could think of. Its cinematic-range screen is certainly mesmerizing. No wonder why 20 million units were sold within just two months of its launch. As per the latest data, over 40 million Samsung Galaxy S 4 units have been sold across the globe.

It is a ‘Life Companion’ in true sense. It has:

  • Extremely user-friendly features. Even not-so-techie people would be able to enjoy the fun of using this advanced Smartphone.
  • The 13 MP camera will gives you high quality pictures. If you are someone who loves using your phone for clicking special moments of your life, Samsung Galaxy S 4 is perfect for you. The clarity is so good that you can use it to replace your camera.
  • There is virtually no shutter lag i.e. you can click pictures continuously without waiting for the camera to be ready.
  • The dual camera features ensures that you are always in pictures.  Now click your own photos, add templates, and share them on your social profile instantly.
  • Samsung Galaxy 4 breaks the language barrier. The S Translator application can translate 9 languages, both text to speech and speech to text. Chinese, French, German, and Latin American are some of the language that this Smartphone can translate. If you are an on-the-go person, you can use this application to translate foreign language emails, books, menu cards, etc. Wow! Isn’t it amazing?
  • Love driving on long routes and want someone to read out your emails and text messages so that you don’t miss something important? Samsung Galaxy 4 is for you. Connect it with your car’s Bluetooth to activate S Voice drive. This application will become your new assistant! It will read out your emails and text messages. You can reply to them and even call the sender by giving voice commands!
  • Interacting with your Samsung Galaxy S 4 is more fun that you thought. This Smartphone goes much beyond the conventional touch. You can now use air gestures to operate it smoothly. Tilt the phone to scroll a page and simply wave your hand to move to the next song. You can even answer calls by waving your hand and preview the pictures by holding your fingers over the photos. What better you could you expect from a Smartphone?
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4, your life companion, can also track your workouts and guide you towards your fitness goals. Pair it up with S band, body scale, heart rate monitor, and other compatible devices and you would be able to know how healthy your life is. The S health application can also check the humidity status and temperature and inform you accordingly. What more do you want from your Smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy 4 is one of the most desirable devices that you can own. According to us, it is a true life companion, as the slogan says. If you already own this device, get in touch with us for any from your repair and replacement services that you may require. For details, contact us at 1300 427 981.

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