Samsung Galaxy note 2

‘Be creative, be different’.

That’s what the slogan of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is. The original Galaxy Note was back with a larger display and improved Stylus function in late 2012 and was named as Galaxy Note 2. This android based tablet-Smartphone hybrid received a very high positive response and over 5 million units were sold within just two months of its launch. It was a huge improvement over its predecessor and therefore, quickly started ruling the mobile market. Till now, it is in demand and people are crazy for its 5.5 inch screen that gives you a feel of using a tablet, whereas the comfort of use is similar to a phone.

Are you wondering if it is worth the investment?
Yes absolutely. We at ITechRepair strongly recommend Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to people who want something bigger and better to explore their creativity and at the same time, stay connected to the world. Here are some features of this Phablet that makes it an undeniable hit.

The success of Galaxy Note indicated Samsung that it is sitting on a goldmine. Despite the fact that it was too big to hold, people loved it crazily and with time they got used to its huge size. A sequel was obvious and therefore, Samsung launched its successor the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in late 2012. Its screen is as captivating as its predecessor. The size has however, got up slightly from 5.3 inches to 5.5 inches. The pixel density is reduced but you will not be able to notice it at all. The AMOLED display can replicate colours immaculately. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has rounded edges and the screen takes up most of the front portion.

S pen
The accompanying stylus, known as S Pen is slightly fatter on the button side and makes you feel as if you are using a pencil. When you remove it from its holster, you will Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will automatically display the pre-loaded pen-optimized apps. The S pen is highly pressure sensitive and therefore, works more accurately for writing, sketching and for many other activities. It acts like a mouse. When you hold it above any app, it will display the functions of that particular app in a floating screen, the same way your mouse shows your details of a particular file when you place it on the document icon. Hold the pen over your emails and it will show you the first few lines. Hold it over your calendar and you can see the list of your appointments. Amazing; isn’t it?

The front camera is of 1.9 megapixels and the back one is of 8 MP. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has an amazing feature called as ‘the best face’. This feature allows you to take 5 consecutive pictures and choose the best faces among them. You can then club these best faces to make your own final picture. So, if your mom blinks her eyes in first picture and your dad yawns in the second one, don’t bother. You can choose their best faces from any of the five pictures and club them to make your own perfect photograph. The camera works perfectly in low light conditions as well. If you are a photographer or have knowledge of photography, you can choose your own ISO setting, experiment with exposure, and can do lot more.

These are just a few basic features of Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This phone is truly meant for exploring your creativity. We at ITechRepair are well aware of all its functions and technology. If you are having a hard time with it, call us at 1300 427 981 for help.

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