Samsung Galaxy S3 Repairs Adelaide

Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3 have become a part of everyone’s life. They make your life easier and faster. We are excessively dependant on these devices and even a minor issue in them can make us restless. Repairing them certainly involves a big expenditure and therefore, you must learn some basic fixing techniques so that you don’t have to visit a Samsung Galaxy S3 Repairs Adelaide centre frequently. Here are some tips that will help you fix the minor issues yourself.


Wi-Fi getting disconnected frequently


Wi-Fi is a common feature among all android phones. However, to access it 24 X 7, you have to set it accordingly. If you are facing repeated Wi-Fi failure issues with your Samsung Galaxy S3, don’t bother. You don’t have to visit nearby Samsung service centre or a Samsung Galaxy S3 Repairs Adelaide centre. To fix this issue, go to settings – Wi-Fi- Advanced – ‘always’. This setting will keep your Wi-Fi connectivity activated even if your phone is in sleep mode.


Loss of audio of the speakerphone after call


Many Samsung Galaxy S3 users have found that the audio of their speakerphone is suddenly lost after a call. This problem is not with the phone but with its settings. Therefore, instead of seeking help of a Samsung Galaxy S3 Repairs Adelaide centre, simply change your phone’s audio settings. To do this, go to Settings – Accessibility – turn off all sounds – back- Sound volume levels on. Alternatively, you can go to Call setting – additional settings – turn off noise reduction. If this doesn’t solve your issue, try restarting your phone. Always keep your phone updated.


Overheating of phone
If your Samsung Galaxy S3 gets overheated during use, you must not ignore this issue. It may not seem to be major issue to you but with time it will affect your ears and even your phone. Overheating usually occurs due to over usage of phones but that doesn’t mean should stop using it. The immediate and temporary solution to this problem is to switch it off and open its back cover to let the heat escape. You can also try uninstalling some applications that you aren’t using anymore or deleting some data. If the issue persist, immediately consult a Samsung Galaxy S3 Repairs Adelaide centre.


These tips are sure to help you handle some minor issues yourself. In case you aren’t able to resolve the issues yourself, don’t take a chance. Visit your nearby Samsung Galaxy S3 Repairs Adelaide centre or call 0469961669 at the earliest to keep your Smartphone in a healthy condition.