What to do before you take your wet Smartphone to an Iphone Repair Adelaide centre

An iphone is one of the most desired devices and if you are a proud owner of this high-tech Smartphone it must be very dear to you. It is an expensive device and therefore, iPhone users are very careful about it. However, even the most careful user will accidentally drop it on the ground or spill a glass of water on it. Such cases are common and thankfully, they are no more as devastating as they used to be a few years back. Technological advancement has made it possible to repair almost any iphone irrespective of its condition. We, at ITechRepair, one of the most experienced iPhone repair Adelaide centres, would like to suggest you some helpful tips that you must follow in order to minimize the damage caused to your wet iPhone.

Turn off your phone immediately

You must be shocked to see your dearest device lying in a pool of water but resist the urge of picking it up and checking it to see if it is working. This is one of the most common mistakes that most Smartphone users make. If you do this, you may probably further damage your phone. Switching the phone on or using it may cause short-circuit and can damage the motherboard. Even highly experienced iPhone Repair Adelaide centres would not be able to restore it. The first thing that you must do is to switch the phone off and wipe it dry.

Remove the attachments

Remove the case, the headphones, the holders, the USB cable and everything that is attached to the device. This is required to eliminate as much moisture from it as possible. Further, using these attachments may damage it even more.

Do not try to wipe it clean with just anything

Ask any iphone repair Adelaide centre and it will tell you how people scratch their phone while trying to dry it. We understand how nervous you would be see your expensive phone wet but we strongly recommend you not to use any tissue paper or cloth lying around you. If you use any harsh item, you may scratch your phone. Always use a soft cloth to wipe it dry. Also, do not rub it vigorously. Do it with a soft, light hand.

Dismantle the phone

Once you have dried the excess liquid, remove the battery, the motherboard and other removable components. Wipe them dry and keep the phone as such until you reach an iphone repair Adelaide centre for help.

Do not try to fix it yourself

We never recommend fixing your wet device yourself. Smartphones are very expensive and even a slight negligence may damage your phone permanently. Keeping it overnight in a silica bag may help you but what if it doesn’t. Why take a chance? Why not bring it to us immediately? We have a highly skilled team of technicians who are expert in repairing wet phone, especially Smartphones like an iPhone. We can repair the damage much better than you can do it yourself and extend its life.

If you have accidently spilled liquid on your idevice, immediately to it to our iPhone repair Adelaide centre and we will do the needful at an affordable price. For details, get in touch with us at 1300 427 981.

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