iPhone repair Adelaide

Your iPhone is perhaps your dearest gadget and why not! It gives you the opportunity to stay connected with people, click pictures and share them with others, watch movies, and almost do anything that you could imagine with the help of countless cool apps. Having a damaged iPhone can give you sleepless nights and restless days and therefore, you must handle these expensive devices carefully. Water is one of the biggest enemies of every gadget including iPhones and therefore, you need to keep your phone away from it. However, if you have mistakenly spilled liquid on it or dropped it in water, here is what you need to do before you take it to professionals who deal with iPhone repair Adelaide:


  • The first thing that you need to do after you have removed your iPhone from water is to switch it off. Do not try using it to check if it is working or not; simply tap the sleep/wake button and turn it off. Using your phone at this stage can further damage it and even an expert iPhone repair Adelaide service provider may not be able to repair it.
  • Do not plug it on your PC to transfer data. This can damage your iPhone and might harm your PC as well. Even if your phone gets damaged, an expert dealing with iPhone repair Adelaide would be able to retrieve your data.
  • Try to remove as much moisture as possible from your device while you are on your way to an iPhone repair Adelaide centre. To do this, remove the SIM card and battery from it and wipe it thoroughly with a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth or an old towel. Do not use tissue paper and other rough fabric, as it may scratch your expensive device.
  • After you have wiped the phone thoroughly, place all its components directly under the sun to let it dry as much as it can. You can also place them under a fan. Place your phone under direct sunlight at least for 4-5 hours so that even minutest trace of water gets evaporated. Do not switch on your iPhone until the entire moisture has evaporated.
  • If direct sunlight is not available, place your phone in a plastic bag and fill it with rice or silica gel packets. They will absorb all unnecessary moisture and will make it easier for the iPhone repair Adelaide professionals to repair your device.

These tips will certainly help you minimize the damage. To know more about iPhone repair Adelaide services, call 0469 961 669.